The Case of the Elusive Frisbee

We’ve all had one of those moments when something was just out of reach or seemed impossible to achieve. “I can’t do it!” is something I catch myself saying all too often.


Video courtesy of Stephanie Dyer.

Sometimes that elusive Frisbee is within reach if we try a different angle. This adorable dog could’ve exited the crate and retrieved the toy at any time. She went into the crate to get it in the first place. Silly, puppy!

When we find ourselves saying that we can’t do something, shouldn’t we look for another way around whatever obstacle seems to be in our path. You know, step out of the box crate, read the instruction manual (#irony), or give it a try.

Drop the fear of failure or success. When we drop that fear, we’ll fail or we’ll succeed. If we fail, we’ll learn at better way for the next attempt (one would hope). That’s progress—not failure.

For example, I’m writing the books I always wanted to and sending out queries to literary agents. I’ve gotten many rejections. Some agents explained why the stories weren’t for them. One or two sparked inspiration for revisions to make those books better. Others were just simple form letters. I’m grateful for every one of those rejection letters. They mean I’m not licking the elusive Frisbee through the cage bars. 😀

Now, I have a question for you about videos. When using my own (or my friends’) videos here, it’s hard to pick the right format because people use different types computers and browsers. If you have a preference for a type (MP4 or MWV), let me know. For some people, Firefox wants to download the MWV file before it plays it. Did the Maui Waves video play better for you?

What’s going on with y’all? (Sometimes I do sound Texan.) Have you ever tried something that you thought wasn’t possible?

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