Asparagus Spears and Ferns and My First Vlog

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Since we started gardening about three years ago, I’ve learned a ton about different vegetables and fruits. The plant that surprised me the most was asparagus.

The variety we planted can grow six feet tall.

Asparagus is a type of FERN.

We discovered this during the first year of growth after I planted the tiny little roots. The little, tiny baby asparagus shoots were spaghetti-noodle thin (like the one on the left). They grew and fell over. You have to let the plants grow the first two to three years so the plant matures enough that the shoots are worth eating.

One day, the little shoots sprouted branches.

The next day, those branches became frilly and wispy, like feathery ferns. I had no idea! Turns out, we were supposed to let them do their plant thing and get bigger.

…And take over the garden bed, eventually.

In the picture, the tiny shoot on the left is from newly planted roots (because the garden isn’t crowded enough). It’s putting out little branches.

The other two spears are ready to be picked and cooked. They are also delicious raw when they are this sweet and tender.

I made a short video (my first vlog!) of the asparagus bed so you can really see the ferns. You can always mute the sound. 😀

Do you like asparagus? What’s the most interesting vegetable you’ve ever seen or tasted?

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