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I woke up one morning only to realize my parents couldn’t see that I was really a mermaid, and mermaids don’t do windows. As a kid, my parents refused to buy me a unicorn or pay for my pet dragon to have obedience training. Now grown, I have a very well-trained dragon who chases demon squirrels out of the garden.

I write stories filled with all the adventure and magic that Pod People fail to see. Caution: If you are a boring Pod Person, my stories are NOT for you. But for the misfits, dreamers, and mermaids-in-human-form, you will find your home and reconnect with the magic others miss.

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These things are only a little of who I am beyond mother, friend, dog person, and would-be urban farmer:

  • A science fiction (sf, not sci-fi) geek who sees a connection between the smart electrical meters being installed on our houses and Skynet from Terminator.
  • A skeptic who finds absurdity in odd news and always-changing science discoveries, which are cool but shouldn’t be surprising.
  • A Spider-Man comic book owner.  I collected (Spider-Man and others) for about a decade.  One of these days, I’ll do something with them all.  In the meantime, the boxes take up a lot of room in my closet.  Still thinking about getting #700 Amazing…
  • A writer and reader of sf/fantasy. I earned college credit for Science Fiction Literature classes. Heck, I wrote my master’s  thesis about the Grand Dame of SF Andre Norton.

These things and more I’ll be writing about here at “Mermaids Don’t Do Windows.”

  • There is No Free Lunch–The more grammatically correct and short version of “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”  I learned about this theme from my undergrad sf lit professor because Heinlein was an evil genius. What is the price for the Great Wonderful? There is always a cost to individuals, to societies, to galaxies. New technology is great…until something goes wrong.
  • Postcards from a Parallel Universe–For the “What if?” moments, the fantastic dreams, and whatever else fits.
  • Don’t Get Me Wrong–Odd news grabs me. When it does, I’ll post about it.  Often there will be some tongue-in-cheek pointing out the obvious. (Who knew that those who get more sleep feel more rested?)
  • Chocolate Choices–I love dark chocolate, especially darker chocolate. Sometimes we never know what we’ll get when we open up that box of yumminess.
  • New Normal–These are posts about figuring out normal for my family and me. Being widowed, preparing a child for college, leaving the corporate day job…What is normal anyway?

In case you were wondering, I’m not doing this alone.  The course Blogging for Brand by Kristen Lamb (social media Jedi master) got me started and the WANA (We Are Not Alone) revolution includes amazing, supportive friends.

Copyright notice….All images and photos, unless otherwise noted, are mine, mine, mine. Don’t use them without my permission. Thanks!

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