Not a Sweet Failure After All

Not too long ago, I was so excited about the sweet potato slips that I’d grown. I spent months of watching these little bits of sweet potato grow leaves and roots in left-over party cups.  Of the many sprouts, I had three to plant.


What a waste of My Little Pony party cups.

What happened right after that? The leaves whithered and died.

This weekend, I was inspecting that garden bed, where the sweet potatoes died and the volunteer celery is thriving. What did I see?

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New sweet potato growth!

Besides the weeds sprouting all around… 

Look beyond those, please.  *sheepish grin*

Two sweet potato sprouts! TWO!  I couldn’t believe it.

Of course, the slip that had the most leaves and the longest roots is still showing nothing. Barren wasteland…well, except for the awesome celery.

And weeds.

It might still grow. It might!

What about you? Have you ever been completely surprised by something, anything?

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