When Time Traveling Can Predict the Future

Diana Beebe's Blog, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasyI have a wacky sense about time and time traveling. 

One is completely made up as a way to measure our days, and the other is science fiction (therefore, also completely made up).

When I saw this post by Piper Bayard, I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Fridays, the end is near, and, yes, we always deserve it.

Go to her blog and watch the video about the Iranian scientist who made a time machine (sort of).

You can also go to the Wired article here, but you would be missing out on Piper’s blog. It is worth it.

Time Traveling Fools or Trelawney Genius?

This isn’t a DeLorian that needs 88 mph to transport passengers to another time. Nope. No traveling required. It’s a computer thingy-thing (that they don’t want to produce for fear that the Chinese will steal the technology and make millions of pirated copies) that can predict the future up to eight years for the user. 

How is that any different than these ten predictions? Take a look at these three in particular:

10. An ancient Chinese king in the Shang Dynasty read oracle bones that said the kingdom would suffer. In further searching, I couldn’t find another story about “bringing calamities,” but I did find this explanation of oracle bones during this king’s reign that makes this ancient time machine believable. The bones would say if events would be auspicious or not. He recorded his results on a stone, and now us future people believe he really lived.

Diana Beebe's Blog, middle grade fantasy, fantasy
Professor Trelawney A Warner Brothers movie image

This makes me think of Professor Trelawney in Harry Potter. Sure, she had the prophecies when they mattered, but they were still interpreted as the hearers wanted to hear them.

When “the sight” failed her, she made up the future. Her favorite thing to predict: DOOM. Did terrible things befall the characters. Yep. Was she right just because she time traveled in her crystal ball and “saw” the future? Nope.

8. Croesus, the king of Lydia in 560 A.D., was so wealthy that he left treasures in Delphi. The Oracle told him that the war with the Persians would end in disaster. Well, it couldn’t mean disaster for him. *roll eyes*

The Persians destroyed him. What did Croesus get from his Oracle Time Machine? Nothing but what he wanted to believe (and he was wrong). And, archeologists (real-life time travelers) got lots of treasure to look at.

1. Babe Ruth called his shot. Did this great baseball player need someone to look into the future to see if he would make that great, legendary homerun? Maybe a time traveler went into the past to show Babe his future?  Nope, he was a phenomenal baseball player who played to win.

What do you think of this new time travel invention that requires no traveling? Would you want to know what your future is? If you had the chance to look at your future, would you do it? Would you try to change the future or would your actions always lead to that predicted future (oh, that’s another post, isn’t it)?

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17 comments on… “When Time Traveling Can Predict the Future”

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  2. One of my favorite songs is Garth Brooks – The Dance. If you got to be King and you had a change to see how the King would fall – would you change it all? Then you would miss the dance – the sweet moment of holding your loved one – would you give that up to avoid all the pain. My answer would have to be no – I don’t want to know so I can enjoy the moment.

  3. I’ve often thought about this and I don’t want to know. About two weeks before I know I’m going to die or get hurt, I would be spazzing out about it. I would be a basket case by the time it rolled around. I don’t want to live that way. I’d rather live it up and let it surprise me. 🙂

    Great post!

    • Diana Beebe

      I agree! That’s no way to live. Live in the moment–every moment!

      • I think that time does not move. We move and call it time. I have noticed that everyone experiences time differently. And as we get older, we tend to move faster. I have noticed that when I slow down, time slows too. I have also noticed that being deliberate slows down time. I think I like time best when I am unaware of it and it seems to disappear completely.

        • Diana Beebe

          What a cool way of looking at the concept of time! Thank you for sharing it. I’m going to work on being less aware of time.

  4. Diana, I would not want to travel to the future, I think I’d rather find out as I live it. But, I wouldn’t mind traveling back and reliving some wonderful moments and making some different choices in others.
    Thought provoking -loved it!

    • Diana Beebe

      I’d be afraid to change anything, even small stuff. LOL The movie The Butterfly Effect made sure of that.

    • Diana Beebe

      LOL. Too funny. I’ll have to check out your post. Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Ever since I read Deepak Chopra’s “Merlin,” I have been more comfortable with the idea that all time occurs simultaneously–past, present, future– because in “Merlin” I was told a story whereas in quantum mechanics, the idea is just a warm feeling in my stomach. I think that’s what story does for us, provides possibility in a way we understand it. For me, that means we are always time traveling. Great post, Diana.


    • Diana Beebe

      I love that idea that we’re always time traveling. Thanks for sharing those thoughts. I’ll have to check out “Merlin”–I’m intrigued.

  6. Lynn Kelley

    No, I wouldn’t want to know the future, but time travel tales are my faves. I love that song Jolene mentioned and I’m glad she added the lyrics in her comment. I’ll go check out Piper’s blog. Have a great week, Diana.

  7. In a way, I wouldn’t mind knowing if the end were drawing near. Not wanting to know the exact hour and minute, mind you, but to know my time was running out would help me say my goodbyes, and get my house in order.

    • Diana Beebe

      So, a little advanced warning about the future, but not what’s going to happen or exactly when. I can see some benefits to that.

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