My dishwasher is a drying rack, and my sink has a back log

So my dishwasher hates me. I’m sure of it. It didn’t like it after we changed its fuse the last time.

The Dishwasher Deathmatch Continues

Now, I have to call the only service people in a 20-mile radius certified to work on Samsung dishwashers. I’ve already called once…is it a bad sign that they didn’t return my voicemail plead for help?

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I tried not to sound desperate. I probably failed.

You know this means someone has to wash the dishes, right?

My dishwasher is a drying rack

Make Mockingbird do it, you say? Her schedule is worse than mine right now.

Armadillo should be old enough, right? The water is way too hot. She couldn’t lift the pots and pans anyway.

This is why I should not have to live without an automatic dishwasher:

  • I hate hand washing stuff.
  • The water from the kitchen tap can’t get hot enough to clean. Why it can get scalding in my shower at the farthest point from the hot water heater, I’ll never know.
  • I hate hand washing stuff. Oh, wait, I already said that.

After I boiled water in my stock pot, I donned my adorable purple and polka dot gloves. Why, yes, the gloves do go up to my elbows. Can’t risk turning into a mermaid at the kitchen sink with a favorite glass in my hand. Forget having to explain the sudden appearance of a tail–I’d have to clean up broken glass.

In a last-ditched attempt to see if the dang thing would work instead of flashing the leak error code at me, I tried running the dishwasher again. Yep, I’ll take the possible leak over handwashing anyday.  Sadly, it didn’t cooperate.

Then, I emptied the loaded dishwasher. There were a lot of dirty dishes, and it wasn’t loaded properly. (There is a right way to load a dishwasher, and no one else in the house knows it.) Plastic storage containers were thrown in willy-nilly on top of everything else. The eating utensils were packed so tightly water wasn’t get between them for anything, even if the appliance had worked.

The countertops were covered with dishes piled high, the sink was full of scalding water and as many items as possible, and the dishwasher was empty.

I washed. I rinsed. I dried.

No, wait. I lie.

I didn’t dry. I put the dishes in the large stainless steel drying box where my dishwasher used to be. 

I miss my dishwasher.

And my sink has a back log

No sooner did I empty the still-hot and now-dirty sink water, other people in the house used clean dishes. 

No, no, no, no! You can’t use dishes. I just washed everything! Drink that milk from your cupped hands. Cook that grilled cheese directly on the glass-top stove. Use your finger to eat that yogurt.

*hangs head in defeat*

Dishwasher Deathmatch Round 2 goes to The Dishwasher/Drying Rack

Put it in the sink. I’ll get to it eventually.

How are your appliances treating you these days? Is there an appliance you wish you had (like a fabulous drying rack)?

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