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Diana Beebe's Blog, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasyI start the April 2014 A to Z Challenge with the letter A for Aloha and Adventures.

Last year, I wrote a middle grade book for my girls (Mockingbird and Armadillo) and my other girl (Bluebonnet) all about the adventures in ancient Hawaii.

Let me back up a bit. It all started when Bluebonnet said she didn’t like to read.


I know. Pick me up off the floor!

So I brainstormed with her. She gave me a list of all the things she wanted to see in a book. And then we spent an hour picking through the viable options….ย  Let’s just say it was a fun and hilarious conversation.

The number one thing; It had to take place in Maui, Hawaii.

Diana Beebe's Blog, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasySo, “Aloha!” to the first book in a series about time traveling fraternal twin sisters who don’t share a birthday. Their first adventure to fix a myth or legend or folktale in one of the states in America plops them in the middle of preparing for the harvest and hopefully peace from war with neighboring tribes in ancient Maui—if they don’t kill each other first.

They get help from two shape shifting friends: a pink unicorn and a blue flying horse, among other tools.

(You can go to my post here to see more about this story.)

Diana Beebe's Blog, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasy

Then, our families traveled together (which we enjoy doing with Bluebonnet’s family) to Maui. We took one day to visit the places in State Secret Keepers #1. Yeah, I have to edit the book, because of the settings that I got wrong. LOL. Google Earth and the interwebz can get a writer only so far. ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Go to this post and this post for pieces of that paradise.)

While middle grade is now too young for Bluebonnet and Mockingbird, Armadillo loves the story and is ready for me to write another one.

Aloha, friends! What’s your favorite adventure?

14 comments on… “Aloha Adventures”

  1. Stephen Tremp

    Aloha to you too. Wifey and I took our honeymoon and a second honeymoon to Hawaii and the Big Island. We hope to make it back soon with the kids this time.

    • Diana Beebe

      It’s one of my favorite places! I hope you get there soon. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great start to your A-Z adventure this month! With my family, adventures have a way of going wrong and turning into Nud-ventures, but we still try. I have not been to Hawaii yet. Would like to visit, though.

    • Diana Beebe

      You have had a few Nud-ventures! I love the new word your family created for them. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you can go, I highly recommend a long trip to Hawaii. But not too long, because it’s really hard to leave.

    • Diana Beebe

      Hi, Sydney! It was a lot of fun developing the story with the girls. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. That sounds like such a sweet story! How fun it must be to be able to write “customized” children’s books for your kids.

    • Diana Beebe

      The best part about it was the Bluebonnet read it! I’ve fallen in love with the main characters (no surprise), so there will be more. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Great start to the A to Z Challenge. Can’t wait to see what you do for “B.” By the way, I thought of you this morning. My neighbor is a photographer and was doing a shoot of my husband and me this morning. At one point she found a bunch of yellow flowers and told me to lie down on the ground like a mermaid!

    • Diana Beebe

      What fun pictures to take! I’m not sure anyone has ever had me pose like a mermaid. I love that!

      I hope you enjoy B tomorrow just as much. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Diana Beebe

      By the way, I enjoyed your post and look forward to the rest of the month. Blogger is being fussy and won’t let me log in to comment. :-/

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