A Bee in the Blooming Broc!

A few weeks ago, my Android phone failed. I dunno what happened, but all my photos vanished and my music was toast. I couldn’t access the files for anything. I even took the memory card out and put it in my computer.

Broken.  All the broken-ness.

I’m hoping it’s just a broken memory card and not something wrong with my phone. :-/

In my effort to recover the photos, I turned on Google’s auto backup feature. Honestly, I’m not thrilled with the whole store-my-stuff-in-The-Cloud action. I know what “The Cloud” is. I know what the pros and cons are. (Yep, I’m looking at you, Rachel. With love, even…)

I’ve also seen The Terminator 500 too many times. And Big Brother can probably see my photos even if I hadn’t let Google auto save them. Also, it was too late, because some of the photos were already digitally damaged. *total sad face*

But WAIT! This post isn’t supposed to be a rant against technology.

Because look what Google did with my photos!!!

Diana Beebe's Blog, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasyGoogle made an “Auto Awesome” for me. Several actually. My own animated GIFs from several similar pictures. I just love how animated GIFs are like the photos in the Harry Potter series!

This one is of one of the few broccoli plants that survived the last hard freeze we had. You can see the devastation in the rest of the bed. The freeze burned and dried up almost all the broccoli plants, and the tomato cages that I used to hold the “protective” plant cloths on the garden lay around like they didn’t have a job to do. (Garden clean up is planned for this weekend! Yay!)

Look closely at the top-right area of that blooming broccoli plant. Click the image to see it bigger.

A lone bee buzzes around the blooms! At least the bees will get to feed from that plant and one other small one that survived. 😀

I was trying to get a picture of the bee, which wouldn’t hold still (because it’s a bee, maybe), so I took a fast series of photos…

Out of the tragedy of the broken phone arose the fun of Auto Awesome!

As I prepare for the April A to Z Blogging Challege, I’d love to hear what’s going on with you lately. Any awesomeness? Do you make animated GIFs like Google’s Auto Awesome?


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