Are You Sure Mermaids Aren’t Real?

Today is a blogging milestone for me: This is my 100th post. I’m not sure anyone is as shocked as I am. I tried to think of a great way to celebrate. Of course, I’m revisiting one of my favorite topics: Mermaids!

Mermaids aren’t real? was my first post ever.

I was just launching Mermaids Don’t Do Windows when Animal Planet ran a Monster Week episode about the evolutionary possibilities of mermaids. Some viewers contacted National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to ask if mermaids were real. NOAA issued a press release that they had no proof.


Could you imagine a documentary show getting all that fantabulous footage animation of mermaids without it being splashed all over the news? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Chances are at least one camera man would have gotten lured into the depths of the sirens’ grottos for who knows what purposes. Or, someone might have gotten attacked by the mer-creature thing with the crazy teeth. Right? I would have designed different possibilities for mermaids, but they didn’t ask me.  🙂

Remember this full-sized self portrait from my first post? And, no, my vision of “real” mermaids wouldn’t look like this:

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Full-size self portrait as a mermaid      Copyright Diana Beebe

Does that mean mermaids aren’t real?

There is a skeleton that was found by a Bulgarian scientist. Take a look at this image of the mermaid skeleton

So. Not. Real.

It is, in fact, an image that won 6th place in a photo editing contest. The other images are very cool, too. (Due to copyright issues, I can’t include the image. Do go take a look at it, because it should have been ranked higher in the contest, in my opinion.)

You also can take a look at the edited photo of the edited photo on Facebook here. People are very clever with their computers, aren’t they?

People want to believe in the magic and beauty of mermaids. 

I love that they never have to do windows or wash laundry or dust or organize…

Even then, I had no idea how many merfolk there are who entertain people and work to protect our world’s oceans. Cynthia’s blog is full of them. You have to believe mermaids are real after reading some of their stories.

What mythological creature would you love to see found as real? What would our lives be like if mermaids, dragons, or unicorns were real or commonplace?  I know you have stories to tell, so share! 😉

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