This is why mermaids shouldn’t do dishes

The Dishwasher Deathmatch Saga continues at the Beebe household.


Halfway through the several sinkloads of dishes, I broke a glass. (Have I mentioned lately that my dishwasher hates me?)

This was not just any glass.

This was a commemorative Nolan Ryan glass, celebrating 25 years in major league baseball.

I screamed. There might have been tears. My husband was horrified.

We have only two left from the set of four that my mom gave us when we were newly married and seriously poor.

Those glasses were our favorites. The perfect size, free, Nolan Ryan, free (it bears repeating).

Did we care that she got them at a gas station promotion? No, they were free.

Twenty years later, there are only two left. Wah.

I suppose we’ll have to start replacing stuff after 20+ years. It’s either that or start buying paper plates and cups. Yesterday was Earth Day, so what kind of example does that set for the kids?

Have you ever broken a irreplaceable dish?

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