This is why mermaids shouldn’t do dishes

The Dishwasher Deathmatch Saga continues at the Beebe household.


Halfway through the several sinkloads of dishes, I broke a glass. (Have I mentioned lately that my dishwasher hates me?)

This was not just any glass.

This was a commemorative Nolan Ryan glass, celebrating 25 years in major league baseball.

I screamed. There might have been tears. My husband was horrified.

We have only two left from the set of four that my mom gave us when we were newly married and seriously poor.

Those glasses were our favorites. The perfect size, free, Nolan Ryan, free (it bears repeating).

Did we care that she got them at a gas station promotion? No, they were free.

Twenty years later, there are only two left. Wah.

I suppose we’ll have to start replacing stuff after 20+ years. It’s either that or start buying paper plates and cups. Yesterday was Earth Day, so what kind of example does that set for the kids?

Have you ever broken a irreplaceable dish?

14 comments on… “This is why mermaids shouldn’t do dishes”

    • Diana Beebe

      I can’t believe you found the glass online! I didn’t even think to look for it. You. Are. Awesome!

  1. These days with the internet, almost everything is replaceable. After I read your blog, I headed straight for Ebay and found the glasses. I guess I was just a few posts too late. Now if only I could find the Star Wars snake puzzle fast food toy (Burger King I think) that my 3 year old destroyed on a visit to my brother’s home 5 years ago. That I couldn’t find on Ebay – though I have tried…

    • Diana Beebe

      Of course, you looked for the glasses, too! I can’t believe it didn’t even cross my mind.

      Now, I’ll be on the lookout for one of those Star Wars snake puzzles things. 🙂

  2. I make a habit of breaking dishes in the sink… almost always the irreplaceable ones. How does it work
    out that way???

    Oh, and I checked out your glass on the Ebay link Debra provided. I thought, “Cool! Only a few bucks.” Then I saw the amount for shipping. So much for free! LOL

    • Diana Beebe

      The sink has it out for the dishes? Those shipping costs kill me. I can’t even justify buying something when the price is skewed like that. (Yes, I see it as skewed. Here, buy this great thing and this wonderful price, but I need your first-born child so I can mail it to you. *rolls eyes*) I think I see another post in that. LOL.

    • Diana Beebe

      Thank you, Pauline! The good news is that the service guy is scheduled to come out tomorrow. Yay!

      Which means I have to get all the dishes washed and put away, and the empty all the lower cabinets so he can get to the connections. Sigh. I’ll be glad when it’s fixed!

  3. I’m so sorry your dishwasher is revolting! Sorry you lost a glass. 🙁 I definitely have favorite dishes I use all the time. One time I washed a shot glass my dad got me and the whole design washed off. That was very sad. Sounds like your loss is much worse. Stay strong!

    • Diana Beebe

      Thanks, Kinley. I still have a couple of those glasses, so all was not lost. The good news is that the service guy is schedule to show up today in the magical tiny window of 9 am to 1 pm. Hubby is working from home, too. Otherwise, I might hug the service guy when he’s got the dishwasher working again. (Totally kidding!)

  4. I had a favorite mug from the Starbucks in NY. I loved that mug until it shattered all over my kitchen floor. I did make it back there and lo and behold they were still selling the same mug. It got replaced.

    • Diana Beebe

      I’m so glad you were able to replace your favorite mug! Yay! 🙂

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