A Promise is a Promise

Another title I thought of for this post was “I’ve Created a Monster.”  However, I decided that it really is about keeping a promise, no matter how small.

When my younger daughter saw the Marce and Kevvan ponies I made for PonyFest12, she wanted to make some, too.  I’d intentionally not shown her my ponies or the Pony Creator website, because I knew she would be all over it.

Part Princess Celestia, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash.

She caught me working on my last-minute brony entry and then hovered while I updated my PonyFest12 entry post.  Starting October 5, you can vote for my entry and get your friends to vote, too.  *hint, hint*   *nudge, nudge*

“What is that?” she asked.  She pointed at the Marce pony.

I told her that it was the other pony I made.

“What are you doing?” she asked.  “You made two ponies?”  Her voice said it all: “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about this.”

I know where this was going.  She wanted that website under her control.  I told her that I was updating my blog with my new pony and she’d have to wait.

“Oh, I know what a blog is.  It’s where people put stuff and write stuff.”

This princess gets a princess tail.

Very eloquent.  I’m not sure how she knew that.

“So are you going to put mine on there, too?” she asked.

Hmmm….  “Not on this post,” I said.  She deflated before my eyes.  “How about if I make a new post for your ponies?”

That perked her up.  “Right now?”

All this was going on while I wrote a description of my Kevvan brony.  “Let me finish this post first.  Then, I’ll work on one for your ponies.  Will that work for you?”

Her version of Princess Luna in a costume.

She squeeeeeeed with joy and bounded off to play.  When I finished my update, she took over the computer for about an hour to create two very pink ponies.  I find it hilarious that she made them nearly identical after she started from a random selection both times.

She’s made a few more since, including her recreation of Princess Luna.

A promise is a promise, no matter how small or how young the child.

I hope you’ll go over to Rebecca Enzor’s blog and vote for my pony entry for PonyFest12.  Vote as often as you can so I can win a custom-made pony! 😉

What was the silliest or smallest promise a child asked you keep?  Have you made a child any promises that you found hard to keep?  Share in the comments!

7 comments on… “A Promise is a Promise”

  1. My daughter would LOVE to do this. I better not tell her about it. LOL. Oh, wait. Did I just say that out loud? 😀 Those little ponies are amazing! I adore them. What a fun time, voting for the ponies over at Rebecca’s. Fabulous idea!

    • Just don’t let your daughter catch you creating ponies without her. LOL.

      All the ponies are great! I’ve had so much fun participating in Ponyfest12. 🙂

  2. In the past I’ve had to post my son’s poetry on my site because I was doing it on there. He loved getting feedback too. So when he comes up with a poem now, he’ll ask me if I can post it. It’s cute.

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