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When I first saw this legendary creature, which originated in the southern regions of France, I thought of the Japanese monster Gamera. (With two older brothers who were fascinated with Godzilla movies, I learned to love Gamera!) It was the giant turtle shell that got me, I think. Another sea creature! This deadly dragon creature … Read the rest
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A jackalope is a rabbit has the antlers of a deer and sometimes the tail and/or legs of a pheasant. The name is a portmanteau (blend) of “jackrabbit” (but it’s really a hare) and “antelope” (even though it’s really a pronghorn). Jackalope does sound better than something like harehorn or hareprong. In the 1930s, Douglas … Read the rest
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Today is the first day of my attempt at the A to Z Blogging Challenge. This month is going to be a challenge, and a few of these posts are going to be really short–like this one. The Alkonost is a mythical Russian creature is a lot like the harpy with the body of a … Read the rest
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