Soggy Ground, Dark Clouds, Rain…Have a Piece of Sun

The month of May has flown by in a whirl of dark skies and rain and too many things and activities going on at my house. I’m still around, just a bit underwater (figuratively) while too much of the state is underwater (literally).

My heart goes out to the family and friends of those affected by all the flooding.

A couple of days ago, I saw the sun for a few minutes before the evening storms rolled in, and I took this picture:

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In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the average rainfall is around 35 inches for the year.

For the month of May, we’ve gotten a third of that. Click this link to see a map of precipitation numbers for the last 30 days.

Most of the state is on track to break all the records since rainfall records started. May isn’t over and the average rainfall record for the month has been smashed by about two inches at over 7 inches. The month isn’t over yet.

The lakes are filling up after years of drought. We’ve been tracking them from this website: Some of these lakes were near empty just three weeks ago. Now, some areas have lakes covering parking lots and freeways.

I’m grateful for the decisive end to the drought, and I’m hopeful we can dry out a bit. Just a little. Moderation, please.

How’s your neck of the woods–soggy or dry?

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