Needing a Return to Paradise

I posted this short video last year after our incredible vacation to Maui. I do believe we could all use a return to paradise.

Here are 30 seconds of bliss for your viewing pleasure. Or, sit back and close your eyes and imagine the sun on your face…Sand and water swirling on your feet and around your ankles…

Feel free to click the play button as many times as you want. 😀

Are you there with me on the beach? Sigh. Where’s your favorite vacation spot?

8 comments on… “Needing a Return to Paradise”

    • Diana Beebe

      What a fabulous place to visit! Take lots of pictures and have a wonderful time!

  1. WAH.
    All I could get was little circles going round and round. Nothing.
    And I just knew to my very bones that I needed this 30 seconds of bliss.
    About 25 clicks worth.

    In other news, PEI or Prince Edward Island is still my vacay spot of choice at the moment. Rugged and wild.
    Lobstah and buttah. Mussels, clams, oysters. Lobstah rolls. LOL I see a theme. And rugged and wild.

    • Diana Beebe

      Double WAH that you couldn’t see the video. Maybe try a different browser? 🙁

      But YAY for PEI! The food sounds delicious. Great choice!

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmm … bliss … I need some ‘waves on a beach’ ambient noise tapes ( I can’t believe I wrote the word ‘tapes’ without even blinking!)

    • Diana Beebe

      Yes, and I understood exactly what you meant without blinking. 😉

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