More Connected with Technology IS More Connected

Anyone who knew me before I joined Facebook knows that I didn’t want to join Facebook. I thought it was too invasive.

Here’s me blogging to the world about it!

It didn’t help that a stalkerish ex-boyfriend from a millions years ago had already tried to find me through my brother on Facebook. It creeped me out. I had no interest in reconnecting with the one guy from my past who treated me the worst. Seriously. It would be like saying, “Hello, Food Poisoning, sure I’ll have some more. While you’re at it, pull my fingernails out.” NOT.

It kept me off the internet.

I missed out on reconnecting with my friends and hearing news from family. Didn’t anyone make phone calls anymore?

Even when my uncle created a closed family group on Facebook, I still didn’t join for another five months.

My mom and sister were friends on Facebook with more of my friends than I could count.

My sorority sisters were connected again while I disappeared off the grid…until about a year and a half ago. I’d had enough of missing out.

If I hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have seen awesome posts like this one:

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Used with Rebekah’s permission. Everyone else was removed for their own privacy.

Oh, the early 1990s! Big hair and film photography!

Rebekah and I were close. We studied together. We went to parties and mixers together. We propped each other up when dates fell through, which happened a lot. (Who chooses to attend a university where the girl-to-guy ratio is 4:1!?) There is one picture of us after we both got dumped by a couple of frat boys from a different university–yeah, no, I can’t share that one.

I digress…

Are we really less connected because of technology these days?

Don’t count those moments where at entire family sits around looking at their phones rather than having a conversation (seen it!), because that’s a different scenario.

And sure people don’t write letters anymore.

But we get to be present with each other in ways that we’ve never been able to do before. Rebekah took this old photograph of us and posted it on Facebook. I laughed and remembered getting ready for that party more than the party itself. We didn’t have money to spend on outfits, so we went to a thrift store. We found one long skirt and turned it into to two mini-skirts! Our friends and roommates posted comments about their fond memories of the event.

Even though it’s been over 21 years since we took that photograph, we used technology to reminisce with many of our friends. Try doing that with a simple letter or even an email or a text message.

I’m glad I finally joined Facebook and can instant message friends and neighbors. I hope my family members are sitting down while they read this so they don’t fall over. 😀

I have two more connection stories to tell. Coming soon! Both prove technology helps us connect with other people in ways we couldn’t have before!

Do you have any Facebook stories of reconnecting with old friends?  I’d love to hear your stories!

11 comments on… “More Connected with Technology IS More Connected”

  1. Shortly after Davy Jones of The Monkees passed away, I wrote a blog post about First Crushes. After I posted it, one of my bests friends from high school contacted me through Facebook! Through her, I ended up connecting to several other high school friends as well.
    I think that’s when Facebook became really fun for me!

    • Diana Beebe

      What a great reconnection story! Thanks for sharing it, Joy! And thanks for the blog love, too. :-*

  2. Just my luck, Diana! As you’ve been revving up on FB, I’ve been pretty much ignoring it for the past 7 or 8 months with only the occasional exception (and that period between last Thanksgiving Christmas, recovering from a minor surgery that nonetheless kept me grounded at home, so FB was a frequent companion to connect with the rest of the world). It’s a time thing. I’m finding myself squeezed and had to figure out where I could reduce certain activities to ensure the success of others (including exercise, LOL!). And I miss it, and miss keeping up with you and the family on whatever’s being posted out there in FB Land while I’m not paying attention. Given all that “TMI”, your blog is a refreshingly great investment of scarce time and love it!

    • Diana Beebe

      Dave, what a sweet thing to say! I love that you find the time to stop by here! It means a lot to me.
      It’s so hard to find a balance. I have to put my phone down so I can step away from the FB timeline sometimes–especially when the girls eye my phone as if it’s an intruder or “the favorite child” as Mockingbird likes to call it. LOL. *HUGS*

  3. Back in February, my sister’s family and mine went to my uncle’s house for a little get together. His daughter was there too. He pulls out a bottle of moonshine he made in high school. (19 67) With a custom label and all. We had to take a picture and posted it on facebook. His son, a marine in California and another cousin in Ohio, (we are in Texas) joined the party,posting memories of growing up in with out grandparents. It was on of the best nights. So many laughs and memories because we were connected on facebook.

    • Diana Beebe

      That’s fantastic! It wouldn’t have been the same to call the distant family members on the phone to tell them what happened, would it? Thanks so much for sharing that story, Jolene.

  4. I also find I’m more connected with friends and family, and I know more about what is going on because I don’t have to wait for the yearly Christmas letter. Though I also find that letter harder to write. LOL Love the skirt! I think I may have worn the long version in the 70’s… LOL

    • Diana Beebe

      I haven’t written a Christmas card letter in a long while, but I know what you mean. LOL. I’m pretty sure that it was a ’70s themed party.

  5. I come from a large family and have many cousins that are much older and younger than I. Growing up, I wasn’t very close to them due to the age difference. Now, I have gotten to know them through FB and am so glad I did. We have so much in common and talk about similarities in behaviors, habits, family traditions, etc. They post photos of days gone by that I would’ve never gotten to see. When I do see them, like at my daughter’s wedding, I can pick up the conversation where we left off on FB.

    Back in high school, I used to write my friends letters every day because I lived far away from them. I used to love receiving their replies and couldn’t wait for the mailman to get to the house each day. Now, I keep in touch with them on FB. We laugh and cut up like we did when we were kids.

    FB is my mailman now. I would hate to lose it.

    • Diana Beebe

      Isn’t great to catch up with family like that? I think you’re right–FB has become a postal system of sorts. I’m sure it’s another bit of technology that the Post Office could do without, though.

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