A Holiday Patronus in the Yard

The three decrepit lighted deer stand on the front lawn.  They are so old that I had to restring them with LED lights last year.  The buck’s antlers are an eerie blue. My daughter has named it the Patronus because of the way it shimmers, especially from a distance.


If you aren’t familiar with spells in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, a Patronus is a spell used to chase away the Dementors (evil, fear-inducing creatures) who try to suck the happiness from the characters in the books.  The spell usually takes the shape of a luminous animal. Harry’s father’s Patronus was a stag, and his mother’s was a deer.

It’s a fun, innocent way of looking at these joint-rusted deer that banish the darkness from our front yard every night. We see them as tiny symbols of how light instantly replaces shadows and how good is more powerful than evil.

We really need to replace those deer.  Their motors don’t work, so there is no head movement.  Patronus and his two doe aren’t going anywhere.

*whispers behind hand* At least not this year.

I wish everyone a very happy, peaceful, and light-filled holiday season.

13 comments on… “A Holiday Patronus in the Yard”

  1. Head movement or no, I like them, probably because they are rusted and stationary. As you say, they are still points of light, which are always welcome.

  2. I like it. Light, airy, breezy even. I envy you your new LED lights. I keep wishing my old ones would die so I can replace them with more energy efficient ones. They aren’t cooperating.

    • Thanks, Janet! Check to see if a nearby home improvement store will recycle your old lights. If so, why wait for them to go out? 🙂

    • You know, we haven’t seen any new ones that we like. I hadn’t thought of it until you said that–they are artistic. I do like the shapes. 😉 Happy holidays to you, too!

    • We didn’t put up any other lights this year–we usually wrap lights around the tree. Too much going on this year. I would love a time turner, too. B&N has them, but they are for looks only–useless jewelry. They don’t turn back time at all!

  3. Yay for you restringing the deer and keeping it going! Looks great to me, even without movement. I’m glad you explained about Patronus because I’ve only read the first Harry Potter book! Very cool concept!

    • The Patronus charm is introduced in the third book, Prizoner of Azkaban. My husband hasn’t read any of them, so I’m used to explaining the references that are made often at our house. 😉 I’m glad you like the deer!

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