Vote, Because You Can

I’d like to encourage all American registered voters to vote.  I voted early.

I often hear people who think that their vote doesn’t count, so why bother.

Why bother?   Because you have the right to! 

“US Constitution” by Jonathan on

Some people say the electoral process is broken or the media is biased.  Please, tell me those aren’t your excuses for not voting.

Millions of people vote for reality talent shows (American Idol, Dancing with the Stars–to name only two of them).  Even if you take out those voters who aren’t registered voters, there are still many people who are eligible to vote who choose not to.  There have been recent elections that were decided by fewer than 600 votes.  Think about that before you decide to skip the polls.  Be included in the statistics of votes counted.

My late great-grandmother was able to vote in her twenties because women finally earned the right to vote.  I think about what she would think about it all today.  She wouldn’t sit by and say, “My vote doesn’t count, so why bother.”   Nope, she’d say, “Get off your rear and vote.  Be grateful you can.”

If you didn’t have the right to vote, you’d be upset about it.  Don’t let apathy or annoyance let you neglect a hard-earned right many people before us had to fight for.

Take a few minutes to read about your local candidates and vote.  Even if you decide to vote for one of the other Presidential candidates (scroll to the bottom to see all the candidates–nominated and declared–the list is longer than you probably imagined), your vote counts, because you declare who you want.

Go to your county website for voting information and sample ballots, so you know where to go and what you’ll vote on for the local and state positions.

Julie Glover’s post today about voting is great.  It was as if she read my mind this morning.  Check it out.

Finally, #ROW80 for the week:

  • The back garden beds are ready for planting prep.
  • Work out and eat better.  Food does not define me.
  • I’m a NaNoWriMo Rebel–finish the WIP and start editing. 15-20K is the goal.  Got 50 pages edited for structure and found plot holes to fill in.
  • Blogging class is in full swing (WANA International).  I have a list of topics to finish for homework.

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