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Diana Beebe, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, MDDW, Diana Beebe's Blog, science fiction, fantasy, young adult This Japanese creature is the ultimate chimera. The Nue appears in the Heike Monogatari with the torso of a Japanese raccoon dog, legs of a tiger, and the tail of a snake. As with many mythological chimeras, the body parts are sometimes different, depending on the story. Another possible origin story is that the beast … Read the rest
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A jackalope is a rabbit has the antlers of a deer and sometimes the tail and/or legs of a pheasant. The name is a portmanteau (blend) of “jackrabbit” (but it’s really a hare) and “antelope” (even though it’s really a pronghorn). Jackalope does sound better than something like harehorn or hareprong. In the 1930s, Douglas … Read the rest
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