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Sock drawers are awesome. Especially at my house, because they often look like this: At one time, this drawer was organized with matching pairs of socks, folded neatly and sort of arranged by color family. How long did that last? Not long. And not just because I don’t keep it organized. And not just because … Read the rest
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I’ve been accused of being twisted sometimes. It’s true. My twistedness reveals itself at surprising times. But I’m not writing to share about my twisted sense of humor. I’m writing about a towel. A couple of Christmases ago, my mom gave me something that made me wonder. I remember thinking, “Huh. What are these strange … Read the rest
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Since most people can’t afford to buy new clothes everyday, laundry is a necessary chore.  Here at Mermaids Don’t Do Windows, the clothes, sheets, and towels do have to get washed.  Until a laundry fairy starts doing ours, somebody has to do it. The Husband rarely does laundry.  I banned him for life shortly after we got married.  His idea of washing everything in … Read the rest
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