Language of Flowers that Start with H

Diana Beebe, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, MDDW, Diana Beebe's Blog, science fiction, fantasy, Young adultFlowers that start with H—who knew there were so many of them! It was so hard to choose today’s bouquet.


The Greek mythology has a story about Apollo and Mercury bringing peace and harmony to the world with language and music, so this flower is all about reconciliation. It can also mean wisdom, according to a Celtic myth.


Diana Beebe, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, MDDW, Diana Beebe's Blog, science fiction, fantasy, Young adultWell, Apollo was quite active in Greek mythology! According to myth, this flower was created when Apollo accidentally struck Hyacinthus in the head with a discus. Apollo loved the young man, and where his blood fell, a purple flower bloomed. (What is it with the Greeks and blood and flowers?)

The flowers are tiny bells with a delicate fragrance. Here are three colors and their meanings to the Victorian Age:

  • blue: constancy
  • purple: please forgive me (Apollo was really sorry.)
  • white: beauty

Source: A Victorian Flower Dictionary: The Language of Flowers Companion by Mandy Kirkby. Ballantine Books, 2011.

Since I’m working on too many things at once (what else is new?) and I was late figuring out my list, I’ll be late adding images. Sorry. I want to be sure I get the right ones with the right copyright licensing. I know too many author friends who’ve been sued for copyright infringement for using images they thought were OK. 

Join me Monday for flowers that start with I. 🙂

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