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Diana Beebe, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, MDDW, Diana Beebe's Blog, science fiction, fantasy, Young adultFor the A to Z Challenge, I discovered that a couple of the letters don’t have flowers in my source book. So I decided to go with a flower that has a meaning that starts with the letter. This calls for a little reverse engineering today.

Keep your promises

The Victorians used the plum (Prunus domestica) flower to say, “Keep your promises.” 

I imagine this could have been used in a few different ways:

  • Don’t forget that you said you’d go to the party with me.
  • You promised to marry me, and I’m still waiting for a date.
  • Remember when we made a pact to watch that movie every year on the same date?

OK, so maybe my guesses degenerated away from what the Victorians would’ve done. LOL. How would you use plum blossoms to tell someone to keep a promise?

Source: A Victorian Flower Dictionary: The Language of Flowers Companion by Mandy Kirkby. Ballantine Books, 2011.

Since I’m working on too many things at once (what else is new?) and I was late figuring out my list, I’ll be late adding images. Sorry. I want to be sure I get the right ones with the right copyright licensing. I know too many author friends who’ve been sued for copyright infringement for using images they thought were OK. 

Join me tomorrow for flowers that starts with L.

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