This Cat is a Dog

My kids, Mockingbird and Armadillo, have been hounding me to get a dog for ages. It was pretty ruff rough at times.

Yes, the puns were intended. 😉

Then this Catahoula Leopard Dog happened.

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She’s a rescue, about two years old, house trained (best news ever!), and the sweetest, gentlest dog. She’s already settled in with us and is protective of her new pack. She has a huge, deep bark and sounds twice her size.

Also, she has huge feet that she uses to hunt, chase, and attack balls. So much like a cat, but all dog.

I’m grateful for so many things in the last couple of weeks (maybe I’ll share more about that later): dear family, amazing friends, and this incredible dog who has cats in her breed name twice.

Do you have any fabulous animal rescue stories?

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