S is for Sea-lion

Diana Beebe, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, MDDW, Diana Beebe's Blog, science fiction, fantasy, young adultMy mermaid loves sea creatures. She insisted I use the sea-lion for this S post in the A to Z Challenge. For the most part, this creature is found only as a heraldic beast: a rampant lion with webbed paws and a fish tail.

A sea-lion, illustrated in A Complete Guide to Heraldry (1909)

Pretty cool, huh?

I think swimming near the king of the, er, sea might be as scary as running into a lion on the savannah (because lions don’t really live in the jungle, so I’m told by my animal-savvy children).

This is one of my favorite heraldic beasts, because the rampant lion is awesome for so many reasons. Add a mer tail and webbed claws, and you’ve got the perfect beast.


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What land animal would make the strangest mer creature?

2 comments on… “S is for Sea-lion”

    • Diana Beebe

      He does have a great tail! I don’t think a mani will do much good those paws. LOL

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