Never Cutting My Hair Again

Have you ever had a hair stylist who was just perfect?

I did. I’m sad to say that he passed away recently. He was young–only 57 and a brand new grandfather. He’d taken care of my hair since high school when he gave me my big hair perms and trendy hair cuts in the ’80s.

My mother called to give me the sad news. My brother and I chatted later. He admitted that the first thing he thought when he heard was that I would never cut my hair again and would look like Crystal Gale (or worse…see below).

Strangely, a version of “so I’m never gonna dance again” floated through my brain as “so I’m never gonna cut my hair.”

I can only imagine what my hair would look like if I never cut it again. I have the image in my head, and it’s about as lovely as the nightmares my siblings and I have about an ex-aunt who had auburn hair as long as Crystal Gale’s, only not as nicely conditioned…

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*shiver* But my sister and I were cute.

My hair guy was genius. Even in high school, I would let him cut my hair any way he wanted. I trusted him and he never let me down.

My family received the happy coincidence of living in the same town where he operated his business. Yes, I drove 300 miles to have my hair done two or three times a year. The family time was a bonus. 🙂

Once my gentle, steadfast cowboy of a hair stylist took time out of one of his busy horse racing weekends to cut my hair when I was in town. Even though he had a couple of horses racing that afternoon, he drove into town early that morning on his day off to see me. (I posted about that here.)

Training horses was his life, but cutting hair was fun for him, something to keep himself busy when he wasn’t with the horses and a place to socialize with friends. His clients loved him.

The last time I saw him was in March. I told him to do something different. “Make it so.” I have to admit, the new ‘do freaked me out. It wasn’t a drastic change, but it was enough to make me think I’d never get it right.

But perfect strangers gave me compliments and caught me off guard with nice remarks. How could I have doubted his skill?!

So out of love and respect for him, I will get my haircut again as soon as I find a new stylist. I may trim a little on my own in the meantime, because the alternative gives me shivers and would make my friend haunt my dreams.

Rest in peace, dear friend. I’ll miss you.

Do you have a hair stylist you love and stay loyal to? What hair stories do you have? How often do you get your ‘do done?

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