Everyone Has a Story. It’s Usually Not What I Make Up in My Head.

There’s this kid–I don’t have a clue what his name is–who runs in the morning at the high school. Full. Out. Long-legged running.

He’s well groomed and almost always wears khaki pants or shorts and a button-down shirt or a polo, but he’s not wearing a school uniform.

Diana Beebe's Blog, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasyHe runs as if he’s late for something. School, possibly, one could assume. I have never seen him walk. Nope. Arms pumping and legs going. Longest stride ever.

He runs directly at the school. Then he veers across the front lawn and is gone.

I always wonder what his story is. I also envision him as a random side character who just runs away from the school all the time. That’s his thing.

  • Does he run to a friend’s house to get a ride to school?
  • Is he going somewhere for Second Breakfast?
  • Does he think he’s Forrest Gump?
  • Is he thinking about joining the Cross Country track team?

He’s like Joan Cusack’s character (seriously love her!) in Sixteen Candles–everywhere and serves no purpose other than beautiful background color as part of the high school.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing the unusual feature of most of my mornings. That kid is going to end up in one of my stories. I just don’t know how yet.

Is there a person in your neighborhood or town who has sparked your interest? Have you created a story for that person? Do share!

13 comments on… “Everyone Has a Story. It’s Usually Not What I Make Up in My Head.”

  1. I like to play a version of this game at the grocery store – the contents of people’s carts are great inspiration. For example, what kind of person buys canned dog food, air freshener, and a turkey baster at the same time? There is a whole story there!

  2. Heh. Love that. And I love Joan Cusack. Period. She is a great secondary character in almost any story. On the train or the street car or the subway. I love finding some of my characters there. I think I blogged a man from the GO train once. Oh, yeah.

    • Diana Beebe

      Have you seen Peep in the Big Wide World? Joan Cusack narrates the beyond hilarious cartoon for kids (it was on PBS). I can’t say I was ever upset that I “had” to watch it with my kids. LOL. Totally worth every second!

      You must put the link to the GO train man here! 😀 Yes, please!

        • Diana Beebe

          Elen, so much awesome in that post! Thanks for sharing it. I like Brooks Brothers and his well-shod feet! How far down is he on your To Be Written pile? 😀

          • Diana Beebe

            Awesome! Can’t wait! Loving your pics on your blog–as always. Having trouble with the Like button, but I do love your photos!

  3. My Christmas novella is basically about the guy I used to watch walk the half a block from his house to the store across the street from where I lived. All. The. Time. Never had the guts to introduce myself, but I wrote one variation after another of that story for a while. And then I turned it into a book.

    Now there is a guy around town I wonder about. This is a big guy. Probably 6′ 6″, maybe 300 pounds, with a full beard. Usually he dresses like a typical guy, but every now and again you see him walking around in a dress and high top tennis shoes. To each his or her own, but it’s a sight you’ll never forget. And I’m thinking undercover cop for a story….

    • Diana Beebe

      You win the Most Unusual hidden story! Wow! At least he’s wearing sensible shoes. I’d like to know more about this undercover agent.

  4. Diana – What are you reading the blog in? Flipboard? I know someone who is reading it in Flipboard and has issues with the LIKE button. Dang LIKE button. lol Thank you. I’m glad you’re enjoying the images.

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