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On Facebook the other day, my friend, author Kristy K. James, tagged me to post a few lines from a work in progress (WIP). She also tagged me to include five interesting facts about the main character.

Diana Beebe's Blog, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasy, Young AdultOh, sheesh. I have two or three WIPs right now, because I alternate working on them. My other writing friend, Rebecca Enzor, suggested I give you something from GLOW, which is a young adult science fiction set in today’s world. (That’s what I get for teasing a scientist with a story with science-stuff in it.)

Here are the rules: Go to page 7 or 77 of your current manuscript. Scroll down to line 7. Then post the 7 lines following from there, exactly as they are!

Keep in mind that this is a first draft… (Just sayin’ it’s rough.) From page 7 (because there isn’t a page 77 yet) of GLOW, here is a taste:

…Other than the fact that Em glowed, there was nothing different about us except the scar on my left knee where I’d fallen from the ladder of a tree house. Seven stitches didn’t leave a pretty scar.
        The memory also triggered an awareness. This move was different. I could feel it like the way animals know when a storm or earthquake was coming. It was normal for Mom to check her computer every ten minutes and Dad to add the not-landlord-approved locks to the front and back doors. What wasn’t usual? The way they looked at each other with something in their eyes that I’d never noticed before. And the way Mom paced and touched Em as if making sure she was still there. The way none of us unpacked a thing.

 And now five things about the protagonist, Jay:

  1. She goes by “Jay” so she doesn’t have to remember what “J” name she’s been assigned. She is always Jay and her sister is always Em.
  2. She’s pretty good with computers.
  3. She speaks fluent French and Morse Code.
  4. She doesn’t know when her real birthday is.
  5. She doesn’t glow.

So there you have a glimpse at a new story that won’t leave me alone. (I must write faster!) I hope you enjoyed the tidbits about Jay, too.

If you haven’t been tagged yet, consider yourself tagged. I can’t keep track of who has been. 😉

I love hearing from you! What projects do you have going on this week (writing, gardening, summer relaxation)?

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