Audience Participation Adds More Cowbell

What song doesn’t sound better with more cowbell?

How about a concert for the cows?

The cows were attentive and, while their cowbells added a little something to the music, they were more polite than many adults at a high school orchestra concert that we just attended.

Everyone likes the sound of jingling, jangling keys, right?  *cough*

Here are a few courteous things we can all remember to do so everyone enjoys an orchestra or band concert:

  • If we’re late or have to leave, wait until the music stops.
  • Put car keys in a purse or pocket before entering the theater or take them out after leaving.
  • Don’t talk during the performance.
  • Turn phone sounds off. (Seriously, do people still have trouble remembering this one?)

Remember: Parents are taking videos of their kids. They don’t want us or our conversations in those videos.

If you’re gonna hate on the kids’ hard work and the parents who want to listen, don’t hate on Kansas. One of the coolest, not-classical songs that the orchestra has gotten to play (“Carry on My Wayward Son”), and the ending is given this rough treatment:

Hey, dude, you could’ve cleared your throat about two seconds later. (*stomps foot*)

(I turned a picture of the program into a mini movie with sound. I hope it works for you.)

The cows were better listeners in the video than the adults were at this event. I was tempted to ask the lady who answered her cell phone next to me if she had been raised in a barn, but that would have insulted the cows, whose cowbells didn’t take away from the music at all.

On the bright side, the man in front of me didn’t cough during most of the song, so I can chop off that last bit.

I’m stepping off my ranty-with-a-smidge-of-snarky-humor soap box now. 😀

Have you seen that cow concert video before? Do you have any performance pet peeves?

11 comments on… “Audience Participation Adds More Cowbell”

  1. Oh man, do I! Like you, I wrote a whole blog post about it:

    Long story short, it involved a bunch of people (i.e. snotty nosed-kids, aka 20-somethings) who felt they could just push and shove their way past this woman (ME) who’d been standing 10 rows back from center stage for about 3 hours and just stroll on up to the front row, like the world owed them that spot. But I’m 45 and really could care less what they thought about me, so I put the kibosh on that! Man, it felt good! My feet–they didn’t feel so good.

    • Diana Beebe

      I read that post. What you did was awesome! I would’ve done the same thing in your shoes. I think my husband was holding me back the other night, so I didn’t take down the rude adults. I think I must have been hyper-sensitive to it all, because there were at least 13 things the “grown-ups” did during the performance that rubbed me the wrong way. LOL. *pet the nice kitty*

    • Diana Beebe

      Muah! Love you, too!

      That video is awesome for so many reasons! I almost included it. LOL. I’m glad you did.

    • Diana Beebe

      Bwahahaha! So true!

      Sometimes, my kids think that, too.

    • Diana Beebe

      It’s from Saturday Night Live–one of the most non-sensical, goofy skits ever with Christopher Walken. See the link in Rachel’s comment.

      Also, the song “Don’t Fear the Reaper” has a cowbell that was added after it was recorded. I’m not sure if the SNL skit was inspired by that or something else.

      I’m posting this from my phone, so I haven’t done any fact checking on all this that I’m pulling from memory. I could be totally wrong! 😀

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