Bolting Broccoli and Aspiring Asparagus

This weekend, I finally had a few minutes to spend in the garden beds. In all honesty, I made the time, because lately I’ve just been letting whatever is in the garden do whatever it wants.

The weather in North Texas is flighty. We might have days and days of below freezing temps followed by a few days in the 70s and 80s, only to be hit with the roller coaster drop into below freezing again. (Wind chill of 0 degrees? WHAT?!)

Diana Beebe's Blog, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasyThis is not a good thing when broccoli grows better in cold weather and starts to bolt (flower) when it gets warm. A few days of 80 degrees, and the bees will be enjoying that broccoli more than we will.

The plants couldn’t have waited two days before deciding to bolt? Because they would have changed their minds about flowering in this cold. *annoyed face*

So I picked as many of the crowns as I could. The ones that had too many flowers to eat are a gift to the bees. I’ll have to find a way to preserve some of it, because we’re going to be sick of eating broccoli very soon.

I checked the cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, but neither have shown any signs Diana Beebe's Blog, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasyof veggies yet. But isn’t this Brussels sprout plant pretty?

I cleaned up the newest asparagus bed, because it was a mess of old stalks, dead leaves, and weeds. Underneath it all: Score!Diana Beebe's Blog, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasy

It’s been warm enough that new shoots had sprung already. To top that, several of the sprouts are eating size. I planted that asparagus bed late last year. Based on the tiny stalks it produced then, I figured it would be at least another year before anything was edible. I’m glad I was wrong. 😀

But now I have to cover the asparagus bed to protect the new shoots pictured that are too small to pick before this latest arctic blast. *annoyed face again*

Diana Beebe's Blog, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasyWhile we wait for the cauliflower and Brussels sprouts to grow, we can munch on our own fresh broccoli and asparagus.

Of all the veggies I’ve grown, asparagus is one of the easiest, and broccoli is the prettiest after bolting. I may lose out on a few crowns, but the bees win. I’m OK with that.

Have you ever grown asparagus or broccoli? What would you have in your ideal veggie garden?

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12 comments on… “Bolting Broccoli and Aspiring Asparagus”

  1. I live in an apartment without a yard, but we did grow some veggies on our patio for a little while – we grew kale and snow peas. It was actually really fun being able to eat our own vegetables, and if we someday live in a house with a yard I definitely plan on a vegetable garden.

    • Diana Beebe

      It’s amazing what you can grow in a small space, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. I’m thinking I need to start a new blog called *Annoyed Face Again* — lolz — because this winter is doing me in. Your Brussels sprouts are beautiful.

    Your “aspiring asparagus” in the title did make me smile. I’m thinking that should be “prepublished asparagus” after WANACon. 😀

    I love growing spinach and swiss chard.

    • Diana Beebe

      Your comment about “prepublished asparagus” made me laugh out loud. I love spinach, too. In fact, I need to prepare a bed for some–it’s just been too dang cold. I’m so over winter, but I know you’ve got it worse. Stay warm!

      I’ve grown swiss chard a few times, but I never really know what to do with it. The colored stems are pretty though. LOL

    • Diana Beebe

      Truth! Some of those plants are really confused right now.

  3. I’m totally in the asparagus camp! We used to cut it in ditch banks when I was kid. It never occurred to me that people could grow it in their garden. LOL We’re hunkered down for the ice storm here. I can hear thunder outside and am hoping the power stays on, since we have the grand babies here! Our tree out front started blooming. I’m guessing it’s as bloomed as it is going to get. Sigh.

    • Diana Beebe

      I think winter gets really confused when it reaches your neck of the woods! We had thunder and sleet this weekend, so I can imagine what you’re getting. Stay warm and have fun with those adorable babies!

    • Diana Beebe

      Yes! In one day, no less. And the low was 16 with a wind chill of 0. We didn’t get snow here, but we did get thundersleet. (One of the weathermen called it that.) I don’t think I’ve ever heard thunder during sleet before. I’m hoping the arctic circle is done breathing on us!

  4. Here is the broccoli soup link I mentioned to you, Diana. It is Gordon Ramsay and as I wrote, quite simple so it is possible to get very creative. I like the basic taste of this soup, did not add the walnuts but did add the cheese. Next time, I will add some kale, maybe some garlic. I like it cold as well as hot. As a base, it is excellent. Sorry to hear you lost the crop but I know how determined you are. Keep us posted!

    • Diana Beebe

      Thanks, Karen! I will be using this recipe. I may even use it to make an asparagus soup… Yum!

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