Icemaggedon and It Isn’t Even Winter

Last weekend we were trapped in our houses for days. The kids got to miss two days from school. (The cheering will stop when June hits and those two days are tacked onto the end of the school year. Where’s the love for ice/snow days then? Huh?) Work didn’t stop for the adults though. Sigh.

It’s the storm now known as Icemaggedon. The Weather Channel is naming winter storms like they do hurricanes…anyone else notice that? I like Icemaggedon better.

A week later and a couple of days over freezing (finally!) we still have clumps of ice on the ground.

It’s not even winter yet. I’m done with cold. All you Yankee types (anyone who lives north of the Red River is a Yankee type) can laugh at me if you want to. I won’t be offended.

Icemaggedon left a thick layer of ice on our aluminum-shingled roof. When it melts just right, the ice will slide off in sheets. The sound inside the house is like thunder. The ground outside is a mess.

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It’s a good reminder to never stand or park your car in the ice-slide zone.

This is how the ice landed on the side of the house. I call it Icehenge.

Diana Beebe's Blog, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasy
Icehenge stood like that for days!

This is what our clean, dry driveway looked like after an ice slide. I was glad a friend who had just been visiting didn’t have her car parked there.

Diana Beebe's Blog, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasy

This was the coldest winter event we’ve had since 2011. The results of the cold were amazing, including this storm drain that froze in solid icicles.

Diana Beebe's Blog, Mermaids Don't Do Windows, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasy
Not my house…

The baby broccoli plants in the front yard didn’t get covered. So far, they look like they might make it. If we have another freeze event like this one, I’ll cover them.

I hope everyone stays warm this winter. Those of you Down Under can tell us about the warmth you’re experiencing. I’ll live vicariously through you. 😀

So, Winter, you’ve had your chance. You can move along now, because I’ve had my fill of below-freezing temps.

Do you think Winter will listen? What do you do to stay warm during weather events like this? Are you prepared for the next ice storm?

10 comments on… “Icemaggedon and It Isn’t Even Winter”

  1. Yep, totally over winter and ready for spring. No more ice, no more snow, no more bitterly cold winds, and no more watching people fight like wolverines over the last loaf of bread. What’s up with the bread and milk frenzy when a winter storm approaches in the South? My husband says it makes more sense to buy pizza and beer, anyway. 🙂 I buy stuff to make a monster pot of chili, myself.

    And the naming winter storms? They need to stop that, especially since they named the one we got Cleon. Cleon?? An author friend remarked that a storm with that name sounded like it would say, “Hey, Mother Nature! Hold my beer and watch THIS!”

    Watch out for those sheets of falling ice! And here’s to a very mild December, January and February. 🙂

    • Diana Beebe

      I’m completely with you! The grocery stores didn’t have milk or eggs for days after either! The next name after that was Deon. It made me wonder if they had a rhyming thing going on. LOL.

      Stay warm, Juli!

    • Diana Beebe

      I am a total wimp when it comes to cold weather! I am in Texas, so I’ll leave the cold, crazy weather to you way up north. 😀 I’d be OK with a bit of snow. Just a bit though.

  2. Burrr. . . Now you know what it’s like to live in Alaska! 🙂

    We had a bit of ice last week, too but nothing like this. Although, cars were sliding and ending up sideways on the road into work. So I guess whether it’s a little or a lot, it’s still a pain! 🙂

    • Diana Beebe

      The scary thing about driving in icy conditions is that you have to watch out for all the people who are driving like it’s a normal day. Sheesh! Even though I’d rather stay home, I do know how to drive on icy roads. Sometimes a little bit of ice is worse than a lot. I’m glad you stayed safe!

  3. What’s killing me is gray day after gray day! We have sun today, but for how long? I start to rejoice, look up and the sun is gone again! This is not the winter I’ve become used to living down south!

  4. I really couldn’t believe how much ice came that weekend! It was a little crazy and then today it almost reached 70 degrees. I just wish that the weather would make up it’s mind! 🙂

    • Diana Beebe

      Texas weather is pretty confused. I remember one spring when we got snow in Fort Worth–it had been 80 degrees the day before.

      Ohmigosh! I just had one of those “I remember when…” moments! In 20 years, I’ll be saying, “I remember the fall we got the most ice ever. We called it Icemaggedon…”


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