7 Things We Can All Do When Driving to Make This a Better World

I admit it. I get mad when I drive sometimes. I hate that I do that.

Whenever I drive lately, I think about how I’m driving and not what the goofball who ran the red light did. Why get mad at someone else, when I have bad behaviors, too, sometimes?

Yeah. It’s true. But I’m trying to be a nicer driver. Mockingbird will be driving soon-ish, so shouldn’t I be a good example behind the wheel?

Diana BeebeHere are things that we can all do to make the world a better place and the roads safer for everyone:

1. Sing to the radio. “Music helps drivers to focus, particularly on long, monotonous roads.” See the article here. It’s also hard to make eye contact with the jerk who almost hit your car, when you’re belting out the lyrics to The Cars.

If it’s Journey, Boston, Def Leppard, Steely Dan, Cutting Crew, Duran Duran, Pat Benatar, a-ha, Hall & Oates… (what? I have eclectic and 1980s tastes), then you might see me singing along. Or, maybe singing with my lips kinda closed as if I were practicing for a ventriloquist show.

2. Wait our turn. Wait a second more before turning onto a street. One or two more seconds to let another car pass (rather than pulling into a lane right next to them) keeps everyone happy.

How many times has someone rushed to pull in front of you and there were zero cars behind you? Did that extra second get them there faster?

Probably not. The next traffic light was probably red anyway.

I try really hard not to taunt those drivers at the red light. They can’t hear me, so keep those ventriloquist lips closed and singing.

3. Don’t tailgate, especially if it’s an older model car that might be manual shift.

I see the truck differently now...Manual shift? LOL! What’s that?!

That’s the car or 20-year-old pickup truck that is going to rollllll backwards before it goes forward. If we keep a little distance (like we should) between our car and the one in front of us at a stop light, we don’t risk that old car bumping into us—because that means we rear ended them.

4. While in the right lane in town, expect someone to turn right. When a person is turning, he or she does need to slow down to make the turn. Review the laws of physics if that’s unclear. Just sayin’….

5. Don’t play Frogger to get across the road. Just because you had a moment to get across three lanes of traffic only to be stopped by a ton of oncoming traffic, that doesn’t mean you can block the road while you wait to turn left.

If the traffic is so bad that you have to play Frogger to get across and turn left, then turn right and take a different route.

6. Make up stories about the drivers who suck aren’t at the top of their game.

If we feel sorry for the bad drivers, it’s harder to get mad at them and say things the kids shouldn’t hear. *nods knowingly* Say things they can hear:

  • “Oh, look! That guy couldn’t afford the blinkers when he bought his car. Some options are just too expensive.”
  • “She’s late for a very important date.”
  • “How sad that the person who just cut in front of us never learned manners. His parents are probably embarrassed.”
  • “He’s still practicing. Bless his heart.”
  • “Woohoo! That driver got to the red light first! Lucky!”

7. Smile.

It’s just about impossible to get mad when we’re smiling. 😀

What about you? Do you have any tips or tricks for driving on the roads without getting upset at other drivers? Did I miss a pet peeve?


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