6 Favorite Multi-Tasking Movies

When I go on scrapbooking writing retreats with my girlfriends, we watch movies. Well, the movies are on for background noise mostly, because we’re working on stuff. (They scrapbook. I write).

A good multitasking movie has to have these qualities:

  • We’ve already seen it at least three times. If we can’t count how many times we’ve seen it, then that’s even better. The idea is to have it on as background noise.
  • The dialogue is quotable. (“Inconceivable!”)
  • It doesn’t make us cry. (Seriously, I love Mr. Holland’s Opus, but it makes me cry every time I watch it.) If there are tears, then the movie has captured attention away from the work. The time is precious, people!
  • We don’t stop working to watch, except for our favorite scenes. (“Puny god.” Or, that scene on the beach with the guy when the DVD got stuck there…BFF Debbie knows the one.)
  • Bonus: We’ve read the book.

These are some of our favorite multitasking movies and why.

27 Dresses

It has to be the “Benny and the Jets” bar scene that makes this movie fun. No, it’s James Marsden. Definitely, so true.

It’s easy to listen to this movie without getting sucked in.

Interestingly enough, I did one silly post about this movie and my crazy choice in bridesmaids’ dresses, and Mermaids Don’t Do Windows gets the most Google search hits on “27 dresses” and other variations several million times a week. What’s up with this movie and Google searches?


The songs. Yeah, singing them with knowledge of the meanings now…yeesh. I’m glad I didn’t know what most of those songs meant when I was a kid.

Besides, the movie…enough said.

Sweet Home Alabama

We’ve seen this adorable movie so many times now that we can quote the fun. The music is good and the guys are very easy to look…at…even when I’m looking at my computer screen…and not paying any attention….to the movie…… *cough*

Diana Beebe's Blog, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasy, Mermaids Don't Do WindowsThe Avengers

Marvel freak since high school here. Also, when my friends and I grow up, we want to be Black Widow.

Also, Thor!

Also, what’s not to love about this movie?

Are you wondering why I have an action movie on my multi-tasking movie list?

We have a few of them, actually. We’ve watched The Avengers many, many times, so it can be an energetic background noise with the occasional explosion to keep us alert and working.

Princess Bride

Twenty-five years later, this movie is still one of my all-time favorites. It’s quotable and funny. It allows us to “storm the castle” of whatever project we’re working on without distracting us.

The edited version of the book is fun to read. It’s abridged to cut out the chapters and chapters of Prince Humperdink’s hunting abilities, and the editor’s notes are hilarious. That link will take you to the Wikipedia description of the book—scroll down to the “Context” heading for the actual truth. 😀

Diana Beebe's Blog, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasy, Mermaids Don't Do WindowsThe Host

This is a new one on our list. A few of us have read the book and liked it. We watched it at the first retreat in the summer. I have to admit that it was distracting for me.

Maybe because I hadn’t watched it three times or more yet. *shrug*  I’m still keeping in on the list as a multi-tasker in training.

It’s becoming a replacement for some of our guilty-pleasure Twilight movies. I know, I know. Whatever. I enjoyed the books, respect the author’s own story, and found The Host to be a fascinating science fiction story. (I always go back to SF.)

There are lots more movies that we turn on for background noise, but I’m running out of room here today. Another list may be in order.

I’d love to hear what you do when you’re working on a project. What are your multi-tasking movies? Do you listen to music instead? Spill the beans, share, subscribe!

19 comments on… “6 Favorite Multi-Tasking Movies”

  1. OK, all these movies are great, EXCEPT The Host!! I almost fell asleep twice in that movie. I am convince the screen writer laid out the movie by first writing down all of the kissing scenes and then just creating filler in-between. First she kisses this boy, then she kisses that boy. Then she kisses this boy, then that boy again. 😉

    • Diana Beebe

      There was kissing in…oh yeah. You have a valid point.

      LOL. The alien race takes over humanity, and that wasn’t enough to keep you awake? 😛

      • Oh yeah, there were aliens — I forgot about them. And some big mountain thing with lots of mirrors inside. Oh and there was lots of kissing. This part I remember.

  2. Oh, the guilty pleasure/multi-tasking movies! Yes, I confess I have some. My list is a bit odd, I think. (Btw, LOVE the “puny god” scene! It’s epic!) Here’s my list:

    How to Steal a Million
    Return to Me (yes, it does make me cry, but the sound track is awesome!)
    Tremors (don’t ask)
    Any Harry Potter movie
    While You Were Sleeping
    Apollo 13
    The Glass Bottom Boat

    I’m considering adding Warm Bodies to the list. It’s gross (so is Tremors), but is loaded with dark humor.

    I read the The Host but have not seen the movie. How does the movie compare to the book?

    • Diana Beebe

      What a great list! We watch several of those, too. I need to write up a second list. LOL

      Tremors is a classic, but I’m not sure it’ll get a spot on the list. 😀

      Why haven’t I written a post about The Host? *head desk* The movie is well done and very true to the book–one of the few adaptations that didn’t annoy me.

      • LOL! that is good to know. I seriously do NOT know why I like Tremors (other than my dark side LOL), but if I see it on tv, I’ll stop and let it run. There was a while there it was on some channel every day. LOLOL

        Ever After was on last night. I saw the ending. Happy sigh. Fun movie.

        I just downloaded Much Ado About Nothing the indie film by Josh Wedon (Did I spell that right? too lazy to check!). I haven’t had time to watch it yet, but love the story. Another favorite is the updated Taming of the Shrew. The shrew is the girl ghost in the bathroom in Harry Potter. She is awesome in it.

        • Diana Beebe

          That’s funny about how you can’t NOT watch when Tremors is on. The original Red Dawn (1984) is like that for me. I have no idea why. Maybe it’s my dark side. LOL.

          I haven’t seen Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing yet. Shameful, I know. The modern Shakespeare adaptations are inventive and fun.

  3. You made me laugh this morning with your comments about Grease, Diana. 27 Dresses is all about James Marsden. The end. I can quote from Sweet Home Alabama. For my list, I would add The Devil Wears Prada for witchy woman Meryl Streep. The Keira Knightley Pride & Prejudice. Hello! Matthew Macfadyen. And the cadence of the speech is mesmerizing. Laws of Attraction – Pierce Brosnan. Let’s just take a moment to look at him. Then back to writing. I could work with any of these in the background.

    • Diana Beebe

      Oh, yes! I love your list! The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorites, too. I’m adding the other two to my list. Thanks!

      Funny thing about Pierce Brosnan: easy on the eyes but not the ears. We used to watch Momma Mia, but he just can’t sing. Poor guy.

  4. Chicago , Ever After, Erin Brockovich, Chocolat and Pretty Woman. I can have Chicago on in one room and be in another and practically see the whole thing…in my mind. All the rest I can quote and don’t miss anything when I tune out to focus on a project.

    • Diana Beebe

      All very good choices! Something about Chicago sucks me in. I always catch myself watching. 😀

  5. Widdershins

    The Star Wars movies. Yeah, all six of ’em. Same with the Indiana Jones movies, and the Star trek movies … Hmm, I’m sensing a theme here!

    • Diana Beebe

      And a lovely theme, too! This is a genius list, Widdershins. 😀 Have you seen the newest Star Trek movies? All the nods to the older movies are well done.
      Now I have to figure out how to get the others at the retreat to let me control the DVD player for the entire weekend. Hmmmm….

      • The two new Star trek movies are too new yet to be ‘background noise’ ones… maybe in a few more years. And I really enjoyed ’em.I know some of the die-hard trekkies are a bit put out that they don’t reflect the Star Trek universe, as created by the older movies and the TV series, and I kinda agree, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing … I do hope though, that Kirk grows up some more before the third installment is released. not too much ‘cos Kirk has to be Kirk, but it’s getting a little hard to believe an eternal frat boy as Enterprise’s captain.

        … about the remote – bribe them, or reconfigure the remote so that only your thumb print can turn it on! Bwhahahaha

        • Diana Beebe

          I think they did a great job with the new Star Trek movies. They can’t be stuck in the ’70s and ’80s forever. They did a “making of” about the newest movie. It was fun to see how many things they did to pay homage to the series and the original movies. Clever stuff! I’m not a total die-hard Trekkie, but I do enjoy the series.

          Kirk the frat boy does need to mature a little bit. LOL.

          Now, I must plot total domination of that remote….

  6. I’ll bring the movies, you can control the DVD player :). I’ll go pack them now! I’ve got my list, but I can’t leave out The Holiday. One of my all time favorites. I’ll bring the action too this time – Avengers is finally back in it’s case. It was left in the DVD player in daddy’s car. Now if I can just rig the DVD player at The Hideawy to stick on all the best scenes….

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