Challenge Accepted!

It’s been one of those weeks of new deadlines at work, volunteering at school, neglecting the garden, and ripping one manuscript apart at the seams. I feel a little bit like this guy looks.

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Photo by Stephanie Dyer with permission

Mostly the dog is adorable. I’m the one with the droopy eyes.

Seriously, this post might’ve taken a serious turn about making time for ourselves and knowing our limits and getting enough sleep.


I can do whatever needs to be done with all the energy required.

Go away, droopy eyes. (Mine, not the dog’s.)

Challenge accepted! Bring it on! Remember the Alamo!

Ahem. 😀

What do you have on your list of things to get done this week? I hope it’s a productive, happy, fun week!

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9 comments on… “Challenge Accepted!”

  1. What great timing on this post, Diana. This is a week like no other, mostly filled with all the details leading up to a big “bOthday bash” on Saturday for hubs and me. Final count to caterer, check; clean, that’s this morning; long overdue haircut, check; get extra chairs, this afternoon; call live entertainment to set up getting him to ask hubs to sing with him, check; set up the place, later today; pick up rented linens, Friday morning; pick up helium balloons, Saturday morning; pick up cake, Saturday. You get the idea. Mix in there: rehearse with my hospice choir (Monday night), drive to Burlington to participate on a panel discussion for joint project with Peace Corps and AARP (Thurs); attend weekly seminar on Buddhist perspective on death (Tuesday) — turns out they have quite an extensive dogma. Mix in there: post to my blog, connect with FB forums, maintain my Twitter presence (not), visit other blogs (you make this one easy). Whew. Yes, this is quite the hectic week. Add exercise, sleep, food, and just plain chilling …. And I just realized I left out a whole category of activity. You get the idea. Yes, you couldn’t have picked a better week for this post.

    • Diana Beebe

      Wow, Janet! That’s quite an impressive list of wonderful activity. Remember the battle cries or pick a new one if things start feeling crazy. 😉

      Happy “bothday” to you and your husband! I love the joint party idea–very clever.

  2. I thought we agreed you’d stop posting my picture on the internet! Ugh. I will see your crazy week and raise you a head cold. Stupid airplane germs. Hopefully it clears out before the workshop I have to give on Friday…

    • Diana Beebe

      LOL, but you photograph so well. 😉

      You can do it! I hope you feel better soon! Good luck with the workshop.

  3. Aww, cute dog picture! And I totally know what you mean – I always go into a week with all these great intentions and big goals. Things like, get up at 4am and write for 2 hours every day! Go to jiujitsu practice! Read a few books! And then…there’s just never enough time. So, good luck to you and happy productivity! 😉

    • Diana Beebe

      I make that “get up at 4am” promise to myself and then turn off my alarm. LOL. Thanks for coming by, Heidi!

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