Broken chips are not bueno

Have you ever tried to eat nachos, but the chips break when you scoop up the yummy refried beans and guacamole?

Then the broken chip is stuck in the gooey mixture of beans, cheese, and guac, so you try again with the smaller chip left in your hand. Only to have it break off again?

Not bueno!*

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Guilty pleasure lunch… Just because I live in Texas, don’t think I make a meal out of this very often.

I like my Tex-Mex chips, but I’d like it even more if the chips didn’t break off every other bite.

Then, again, weak chips are a good reason to lick my fingers. 😀

*Bueno means “good” in Spanish, in case you didn’t know.

Do you have a guilty pleasure lunch or meal? Do you have a favorite lick-your-fingers dish? Have you experienced a utensil malfunction? Share your favorite messy food stories!

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