What Would You Do? Or Grow?

There are many novels and movies and TV shows about the end of the world. People are talking about “prepping” (preparing for the end of the world), and others discuss common sense behaviors or plans in “what if” situations that required us to pick up and move somewhere with nothing but the clothes on our backs or hunker down in our current location until later.

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I am a reader!

What prompted me to write about this? My wonderful blogger friend Piper Bayard just published her book about a future world when all the seeds in the world were controlled by one organization. Firelands is the name of the book, and I can’t wait to read it. My copy just arrived (yes, I ordered the paperback).

It’s about a young woman who fights for the freedom to have of seeds–I want to control and buy my own not-manipulated seeds, thank you very much.

If we stayed put, we’d have a garden and a stash of seeds. We’d have to get some hens for the eggs and fertilizer. If we have enough room, we’ll have ducks, too (best-tasting eggs ever).

We’d have to enlarge the rain barrel system with several barrels or a rain tank.

Garden year round. The only time our garden struggles is in the grueling Texas summer, July to September. Even then we manage to get green beans, okra, asparagus, cucuzza (Italian squash), and cantaloup. Tomatoes don’t do well in the heat because the blossoms won’t pollinate if the nights don’t get down into the 80s, but I’ll preserve what we don’t eat before that happens.

Diana Beebe's Blog, Diana Beebe, science fiction, middle grade fantasy, fantasy

Winter veggies like onions and broccoli and carrots will get harvested and stored. The leafy greens (spinach, kale, and lettuces) have to be eaten up. I could learn how to can the spinach though, I suppose. And I’ll keep the herb garden going, because who wants to cook without basil, rosemary, oregeno, and thyme?

And every available space will be planted with edibles…oh, wait, we already do that. Even the blackberries have found a way to survive my gardening skills.  😀  We’ll have to add fruit trees to the front yard.

Of course, I’ll hide my hoard of seeds. And we’ll learn how about all the wild edible plants out there, too. 🙂

I’ll need to learn how to can preserve all these veggies, if there are no freezers to keep them fresh. Of course in my apocalypse, we’ll have solar panels to general electricity. 😀 That way, I could still drive my dream car.

What about you? Do you have plans for the end of the world? What’s your favorite apocalypse novel or movie?

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