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Sock drawers are awesome. Especially at my house, because they often look like this:

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Armadillo’s sock drawer

At one time, this drawer was organized with matching pairs of socks, folded neatly and sort of arranged by color family.

How long did that last?

Not long.

And not just because I don’t keep it organized.

And not just because it was that one time that it got organized.

And not just because mermaids don’t fold clothes.

These days, kids don’t wear matching socks.

In the 1980s, I wore matching socks that also matched what I was wearing. I still wear matching socks, when I wear them. It’s hard to mix up white socks.

For now, I’ve given up arranging Armadillo’s sock drawer. I know that the next time she picks out socks, they won’t match. (Thank you, Mockingbird, for teaching her that, by the way.)

One of these days, wearing matching socks will be back in fashion. There will be hope for that drawer then. Maybe.

What does your sock drawer look like? Do you or your kids wear mismatched socks? Share your favorite drawer organization story. 😉

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