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Lately, I’ve had a few extra projects going on, and I’ve been away from Mermaids Don’t Do Windows.

To make it up to you, I give you CUTENESS:

Image by Amber West via WANA Commons
Image by Amber West via WANA Commons

I’m not owned by any cats now.Β  (Yes, I wrote that correctly. πŸ™‚ )
Throughout high school, I was owned by a couple of hilarious and wonderful kitties.

My favorite cat was a wild kitten who found me at the shopping mall.

While my best friend, V, and I waited for her dad to pick us up, the most adorable speckled calico kitten walked up to me and mewed.

She was the sweetest thing ever. We played with her until my friend’s dad arrived, but then I couldn’t leave her. I scooped her up and brought her home.

“Mom, look what I found on the driveway!”
(Terrible lie, I know. I’ve since confessed to my family where the cat found me.)

This was absolutely the best cat that has ever owned me. Here’s why:

  • She made friends with our dog, who hated cats.
  • She purred all the time.
  • She let me bathe her and blow her dry with the hair dryer. She loved it.
  • She ambushed our ankles, but never used her claws.
  • She was my cat. When I walked into the room, no other humans in the house mattered to her.

Have you ever been owned by a great cat or other pet? What was the cutest thing your pet ever did?

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  1. I have totally been owned by cats, both sweet and bitter. I was very obedient human, but that didn’t matter to the bitter cat who only loved our son. When I was in high school we had a cat who slept on the bed like a human. He’d use a pillow and was a total bed hog. But a great cat. Happy sigh.

    • Those bitter cats are something else. The last cat that owned my family was twisted and bitter. She liked only my mom and let the rest of us know it by spraying in our rooms. She was quite odd and the only cat we gave away. Didn’t miss her at all.

      The sweet cats are the best. Happy sigh. πŸ™‚

  2. Debbie J

    I never knew you were a cat person! I love my kitties and I can’t be without one in the house for long. I just recently went from a 1 kitty household to a 2 kitty household. I never thought I would want 2 at once, but they really do keep each other entertained. I always hated when my previous cats would pounce on my ankles with claws! Nylons were always hard to wear around them. Now with 2 they keep each other entertained, but they don’t need us humans as much that way. Kitty #1 tolerates being rubbed only when she wants to be. Kitty #2 is constantly asking for a rub down. She is my favorite, but we all fight for the Kitty #1’s attention since she gives it to us so rarely and on her own terms. I’d like to say Kitty #2 loves only me like my previous kitties did, but alas, the boys are always competing with me for her love. I am no longer the best loved and I do my best to accept that πŸ™‚

    • I’m full of surprises. πŸ˜€ I loved this cat in the post, and I couldn’t imagine ever finding one as good. I don’t think we’ll ever get a cat though. I do love how independent they are.

      LOL about your kitties. I’m sure they know who feeds them.

  3. jolenenavarro

    In High School I had a cat named Whiskey – A friend had to move back to Holland and couldn’t take her cat two year old cat with her. He lived under my bed and pouted for two weeks then started sleeping with me. When I came home from school he would be sitting on the front step waiting for me. I always thought he feared of being left again.

    • Poor kitty! He figured out quickly that you were there for him though. I can’t imagine how hard it was for your friend to leave him behind. You were a good friend for taking him in like that.

  4. The longest kitteh relationship I ever had was 21 years … which makes it the longest relationship I ever had with anyone, of any species. I am proud to be a cat staffer to a moggie who is 19, and counting. My wife is the senior cat-staffer, but I am an acceptable back-up

    • I’m impressed with your cats’ longevity! 21 and 19 (so far) years–I think these cats have had a very happy home. Your wife’s cat must know you’re a good cat person to own, too. πŸ˜‰

  5. We are currently ‘owned’ by a wonderful German Shepard named Leah, who is the most patient dog that I know (she is currently putting up with two foster puppies that we have who think that she’s their mother); and we are also ‘owned’ by our rescue dog, Rowdy, who is anything but his name (the most mellow dog I have ever met), but LOVES our daughter like his own. πŸ™‚ They are the best!

  6. Doby believes he is our captive. (You should hear him bawling at the front door when we refuse to let him out after curfew.) He is also completely unaware that he is a cat, so please don’t try to convince him otherwise… It will just upset him. So, he hangs out with the dog, and chases the other cats.

    I have always had a soft spot for animals with an excess of personality. Funny thing, they always seem to “choose” me too.

    • LOL! Doby is a confused creature. Did something happen when he was a kitten that made him think he was a pup? I love hearing stories about eccentric animals. Thanks for sharing.

      • I rescued him at a very young age, and he had to be bottle-fed. Once he was able to wander the house, he just took to following the dogs around, and that was it. Odd thing is, we have other house cats. He just never caught on that he belonged with them. He even let my daughter trim his nails when she groomed the dogs. πŸ™‚

  7. I have definitely been owned by a great cat. A couple, actually. The one that comes to the forefront of my mind is Sugar. She was with me for 20 years. Almost dying in her first month with me, she was saved with a blood transfusion. She was stuck to me like glue after that. My cat for sure. She let me know how irritated she was that I had kids, or that I moved out of my parents’ home for a short period without her.

    Cats know how to let their feels be known pretty clearly. Our cat now tends to pick me over the others, although I don’t think of her as mine. She belongs to the kids – and she is totally crazy!
    I think your girls need a kitty!

    • Sugar sounds like she was a wonderful cat. She had a good long life, even if she had to share her human. πŸ™‚

      LOL. My girls can get cats when they have their own places. The dogs are more than enough responsibility right now.

  8. Aha, there was a way to comment, but I didn’t see it. I was searching at the bottom of the post! Guess I need to go to bed early tonight!

    If the two cats we had were anything like your cat, I’d be more of a cat person, but they weren’t into people! I’m more of a dog person. We used to have five and now we have two. Our chihuahua gets away with a lot because he owns me, sort of. My youngest daughter is his fave, but she moved out, so he’s stuck with me. Hubby isn’t fond of Dude at all. He’s about 10 and I hope he’s around at least another 10 years. It’s a killer when we lose a beloved pet, isn’t it?

    • Diana Beebe

      I’m still figuring out this new site, so I won’t be making fun. πŸ™‚ This really was a special cat. Our dogs are 12 and 13, so I understand what you meanabout wanting our pets to stay with us forever.

  9. Jennifer Fischetto

    Aww, that’s the sweetest.
    I wish my cats let us blow dry their fur. That’s so precious!
    We’re definitely owned by our cats. Our gray-striped Tabby, Theo, desperately wants to go outside. I won’t let it, so for the past 4 years we’ve had to alter how we enter and leave our home. Fast. We do this bend and block routine getting inside and have to practically fly to get out. He doesn’t try it nearly as much as he used to, but when the nicer weather comes, he’s there…waiting.
    Our black cat, Malcolm, rubs on everything. He’s such a big bear and love attention. We can’t resist him. πŸ™‚

    • Diana Beebe

      It was a shocker when she let me bathe her, and I didn’t want to leave all wet. I started the blow dryer on low and she jumped. As soon as she realized what was going on, she went with it. The. Best. Cat. Ever! Theo wants to wander–poor guy, but I don’t blame you for keeping him in. πŸ™‚ Your making me miss having a cat, Jennifer. Cut that out.

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