Demon Dog to Cuddle

I’m having one of those weeks when deadlines at the day job (and editing my final draft of my middle grade book!) make the blog a distant priority. (If you read yesterday’s post, you know what I mean. Sorry about that. *sheepish grin*)

To make it up to you, I give you Demon Dog to keep you company:

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Looking a little scruffy…Mockingbird needs to groom her dog.

Mockingbird adopted her from a local ASPCA almost two years ago. She even used her own money.

Demon Dog is a sweet, gentle “velcro” kind of dog and makes a nice addition to the family. She’ll sit in your lap and lick your face off. 🙂

Share your pet stories in the comments while I attend to a few insane deadlines.  {{{Hugs}}}

8 comments on… “Demon Dog to Cuddle”

  1. Haha. I bet she’d be less demony if the camera didn’t make her eyes look crazed. 😉

    The kitten I adopted last fall is still in her Terrible Two’s stage. Whenever I’m trying to write, she starts getting into all sorts of places she knows she’s not allowed to. She doesn’t do that if I’m watching, which I think is the point. She’s an attention junky. 😉 And she likes to say “No” when I tell her to stop. I should try videotaping her talking back to me…

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