Mockingbirds and Armadillos

Every so often I post something about my girls.  I’m not big on splashing them across the internet and neither are they. (My teenager isn’t on Facebook–her choice, believe it or not.) I’ve been thinking about code names for them.

Some blogging genii (my daughter’s prefered spelling for the plural of genius) have great names for their kiddos:

I know there are others. If you have code names for your kiddos, feel free to put a link to your blog in the comments.

What to do when you have two girls who are as different as mine? “The Anti-Teenager” is too limiting. “Daughter 1” and “Daughter 2” are too boring. Their real nicknames are off limits (so I’ve been told).

During a conversation with my older daughter, I realized that she is really The Mockingbird and her sister is The Armadillo.  We are from Texas, after all.  What better way to salute them in my blog?  I thought I’d share some awesome facts about two of my state’s favorite animals.

The Mockingbird

The Texas state bird is the Northern Mockingbird.  What’s not to love about these birds?

They’re smart and sassy and bold. They mimic the songs of other birds and other sounds they hear.  Really.  Some have been known to use the sounds car alarms and chain saws in their repertoires.

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Photo by Captain-tucker, Wikimedia Creative Commons

My husband would sit on our front porch and whistle a sequence of notes, and our resident mockingbird would repeat it. I’d like to think that fellow passed along the song to others who mimic it now.

Have you ever seen a hawk fly for its life?  Most likely a mockingbird or two will be close behind.  If a mockingbird feels threatened, it doesn’t care how big the perceived enemy is.  One time, I was dive bombed while walking the dog.  I had no idea a nest was in the bush so close to the sidewalk, but the bird let me know about it.

My teenaged daughter is now The Mockingbird.

The Armadillo

The Texas state mammal is adorable, don’t you think?

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Photo by Hans Stieglitz, Wikimedia Creative Commons

What is it? (I hear some of you asking that question.)

It’s the nine-banded armadillo.  These odd, nocturnal, and burrowing creatures aren’t smart or sassy or bold. Not much about them is remotely like my younger daughter. Although, she often curled up into a ball as a toddler if she got mad.

Despite their weirdness, she thinks they’re cute. So, my younger munchkin is now The Armadillo.

What nicknames do you use for your kiddos when you’re online?  Do you use nicknames for yourself?

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