Can We Ever Have Enough Time?

I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. Mostly because I don’t seem to have enough of it to do all the things that I want to do.  Many people I know say the same thing.  Who needs sleep anyway?

I don’t get up this early everyday…

I lie.  I’d love to be a golden-eyed Twilight Saga vampire who doesn’t need any sleep.  Ha!  If it weren’t for the blood-sucking tendencies, being a vampire would solve my issues with time. Wouldn’t it?

But what is time, anyway?

At some point in human history, we stopped looking at the sun to tell us when to wake up and when to go to bed. Then we measured the way the planet traveled around the sun to create the units of measure Earthlings call days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Then we devised these arbitrary sets of measurements to schedule our lives and count our years.

Time02Maybe “subjective” is a better word.  It’s not any different than any other forms of measurement. Sure, the mathematics and logic work, but so does the imperial units (aka US customary units), which were based on the size of a person’s foot.  However, there was very little standardization for what a foot meant from one time period and country to another for centuries.

Back to time…

So I know what time it is in my middle grade WIP...
So I know what time it is in my middle grade WIP…

Whatever we call the day, we can’t change the length.  We could have had 48 thingamajigs hours each divided by 30 whatchmacallits minutes divided by 120 doohickies seconds, but we’d still have the same amount of time that elapses as our planet travels around for a day and a night. Could you imagine trying to remember 48 different time zones?

I suppose someone could lasso an asteroid to interfere with our orbit and then change the amount of time it takes us to revolve around the sun.  But only as long it gives us more time.

What?  A girl can dream.

Don’t you wish somedays that the planet did take a little bit longer to make a day?


  • If the day were longer, would our To Do Lists be longer, too?
  • Would we ever feel that we have enough of that thing we call time?
  • Wouldn’t it be better to relax into the day with a flexible but prioritized list and do what is right for the moment? KM Huber said it wonderfully on her blog:  To be present with the present.

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Let the day unfold and see that we have all the time that we need at that moment to do what we need to get done, even if that means reading a book or doing laundry or working the day job or washing windows.

I’m kidding about that last one.

Ooops! How did that time waster get in here? *hides phone*
Ooops! How did that time waster get in here?
*hides phone*

While being a wife, mother, and volunteer, I can and will do justice to my day job and finish writing one novel while completing the edits on another. I have all the time I’m going to get, so I better use it wisely.

Look for more time-related posts on Mermaids Don’t Do Windows.  Don’t worry it won’t all be about time management, learning to tell time, and calendars.  I’ll throw in time travel and parallel worlds just for fun.

I’d love to hear from you!

How do you fill your day?  Do you feel as if you need or want more time?  How would you have divided up the day’s units of measure and what would you call them?

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