Dare to Trick-or-Treat Here

With less than two weeks to go until Halloween, some people are decorating their houses with pumpkins (some carved as jack o’lanterns), ghosts, and fake tombstones.  Others are taking their decorations to new heights.

I added a few spooky effects for fun.

I drove by this street and saw the yard, so I had to check it out.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Even the roof is decorated with spiderwebs and giant spiders.  Creepy things all over the yard.  The part that most amazes me is the walkway to the front door.  It’s a dark narrow tunnel with who-knows-what inside. The ladders in the yard tell me that they aren’t finished yet.

My younger daughter gawked at it with me.  She was a little grossed out and a little impressed with the roof.  She was relieved when I said that we would not be trick-or-treating on that street.

Often on Halloween night, parents let their children run up to doors by themselves.  I know I’ve stood back twenty feet or more with other parents as our gaggle of goslings in their cute costumes charm our neighbors.  Looking at that house though–I’m not so sure that I would let my daughter walk into that tunnel by herself.

Heck! I’m not so sure that I would let her walk into that tunnel with me!  I know with absolute knowledge that my teenager daughter wouldn’t go near the house in the first place.  I’m glad she’s beyond the whole Halloween thing anyway.  She’d rather stay and hand out candy at our house.

What about you?  Would you take your children into that tunnel?  Do you go trick-or-treating or provide the treats?  Do you decorate your house for this event?  If so, I’d love to hear what you do. Please share–that comment box is ready for stories.

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