Words to Play: Ixia

It’s Wednesday, which makes me think of words. Like many people with smart phones, I play word tile games on my phone.  My favorite is Wordfeud because you can play with randomly-placed score boxes. (I’ve played Words with Friends, too, but I don’t anymore because the Android app never seemed to work properly.  I might give it another chance sometime.)

My brother-in-law and I usually keep several games going at once, in addition to games with others.  We take turns kicking each other’s butts.  That random placement board is a killer!

Wordfeud random board: In-progress game, getting my butt kicked.

I love words, and now I pay attention to unusual words as never before.  I’ve learned words from other opponents and, in turn, played them against my brother-in-law.  I’d like to share them with you, so you can play them against someone else.  If they wonder what it means, you know the definition.  Expand your vocabulary.

This is one of my favorites: ixia

ixia [ik-see-uh] noun

any of various southern African plants of the genus Ixia, of the iris family, having sword-shaped leaves and showy, ornamental flowers.


I dare you to use it in a sentence.  😉  Use it in Wordfeud.  Let me know if Words with Friends accepts it.

Do you have any favorite, unusual words that you know will play on a word game?  Do you read through a dictionary to arm yourself with new words?

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